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April 28 -May 14

Coppelius, creator of mechanical toys, has constructed Coppelia, a wonderful life-sized doll, so true to nature that when the toy maker displays it in a window, Franz, a handsome youth, is infatuated with it, unmindful of the fact that Swanilda, the reigning beauty of the village, is in love with him.  Swanilda, accompanied by her mischievous girl friends, enter Coppelius’ workshop.  Upon the inventor’s sudden return she takes Coppelia’s place.  Franz, on a secret visit to Coppelia, is seized by the toymaker, who then decides to test her pet theory: to give life to the dolls. Coppelius drugs Franz and proceeds with her experiment.  Swanilda prankishly leads the  doctor into believing her success by obligingly coming to life as Coppelia.  But when Franz regains consciousness and sheepishly realizes he made a fool of himself over a doll, Swanilda runs off with him, and the chagrined toymaker discovers the hoax.  The ballet ends with the marriage of Swanilda and Franz and all live happily ever after.

Performance dates and times:

April 28       7:30

April 29       2:00 & 7:30

April 30       2:00

May 5          7:30

May 6          2:00 & 7:30

May 7          2:00 

May 12         7:30

May 13         2:00 & 7:30

May 14         2:00

We do this because we love, respect and, value the art of dance.
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DanceCincinnati 2023

DanceCincinnati 2023

Feb 24-March 4



April 29-May 14

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